People are allowed to attend a trial class for every course. Trial classes are and will stay free.



A constant attendance throughout the year is expected, in order for the course to give its results. We accept people from three years on.



Students bearing medical certificate may benefit from extraordinary suspensions and recovery of lessons, at the School sole discretion. Certificate must be delivered within one week from the injury showing a minimum three-week recovery time.



If possible, missed classes for sick leave or other reasons may be recovered during the course of the year. Missed classes for health or family reasons cannot be recovered or reimbursed. Free extra hours will be added for the rehearsing for the dance recital. Such classes shall also serve as a recovery.



Payment for monthly fee must be done within the fifth day of the incoming month, possibly on the first class of such month. Those subscribing within the n15th day of each month shall pay for the entire month, whilst those subscribing after such date shall pay half the monthly fee. No other easy terms apply.

The monthly fee for June must be paid in full. Should some class not take, place, they will be recovered in the first 15 days of the following September.



A certification attesting fitness for non-competitive sport practice must be shown at the first lesson. No exception.






The discipline requires a mandatory uniform for all dance courses. No other clothing accepted.

Hair must be up.

Only suitable shoes must be worn inside the dance rooms. Shoes must be clean and must be worn in the structure. They must not come from outside.



It is recommended to be always on time for class. Class starts at the stated time in any case, even if some students are not ready or absent. Whoever may have constant late.related problems must promptly notify the teacher.



Chewing gum or eating candies during class is strictly forbidden. It is recommended to have students eat at least half an hour before class. Eating in the locker room is prohibited. Teach your children to behave in a dance school – no yelling, no shouting in the locker room and waiting room, especially if a class is running.



Parents and students must notify the teacher information pertaining to the students’ health, such as discomforts, past or future surgeries, important physical or psychological states, injuries from past or present activities and practices, peculiarities and the like…



Parents cannot witness classes. Access to classroom during or between lessons is not allowed. Whoever needs to speak with the teacher must book an appointment out of class schedule or contacting the secretary’s office. The last lesson of every month will be open, save for the first month and the last two before the recital, for parents to see and check how their children are interested and committed to the courses and the practice.



School calendar is in accordance with the school diary and the holidays.



A recital for the end of the year is due to take place in a theatre in town. Every student must comply with the requested dress code, according to the performance or the character they will play. Costumes must be bought or rented (in this case they must be returned at the end of the recital, in the same state as they were received). The recital is a very important moment of personal growth, something that requires commitment not only from teacher and dancers but also from light and sound technicians. It therefore must be taken seriously and for what it is and represents. Those who do not comply with the requested dress code, will be frequently absent or skip rehearsal shall not take part to the recital.



Important notices concerning the school and its activities shall be put on the notice board. Parents, nannies and students are requested to pay attention to them and read them, since they will be part of the terms and conditions.



Failure to comply with one or more of these terms and conditions, as well as failure to comply with common sense rules, may cause the student to be immediately expelled. No money shall be given back.

In accordance with D.Lgs. June 30, 2003, No. 196 and subsequent changes, we hereby supply you all due informations concerning the purposes and methods for your personal and sensitive data processing in our possession. Click here.