The course is for children from 3 to 6 years of age. It is a first approach to coordinated movements of a playful nature through music. The course is finalized to a correct placing of feet and a correct posture.

Before facing the real dance academical studies, children are given a series of training exercises and all the right tools to become more aware of their bodies as well as improve their expressive intention. Students are led to this discipline using a method, without forcing them and making them study according to their young age and both their physical and mental development, in order to improve and have good results.

Classes are held twice a week and class is from 30 minutes to a full hour.



For children 7 years on. They start to practice at the bar, in accordance with the Cecchetti Method as ruled by the ISTD of London. Students are also prepared to take the necessary exams to advance to the following level. During the exam sessions, the worthy students will also have the chance to get a grant.

Attendance varies from 2 to 4 hours per week, according to the level. Classes are from 60 to 90 minutes.



This is where the education pathway ends, living room for improvement. This course is a deepening of the techniques, particularly ballet, through a detailed analysis of the most famous classic ballets. At this stage students also study other types of dance, from contemporary dance to hip hop and the like. Students are prepared and well looked after to face their last exams, casting and contests.

Classes are held on a daily basis, even in the morning.



This course is designed for those who previously experienced an education in ballet and want to start again, but also to those absolute beginners who want to approach this discipline and think to be “too grown up” to start.

Classes are held every two weeks for an hour. Classes can be both individual or group ones.



Dance is beneficial all your life, because it is a discipline embracing both mind and body. Last but not least, music is known to improve people’s mood. In accordance with everyone’s physical shape and conditions, taking care not to be harmful for one’s health, this language can be easily understood through some warm up exercises on the floor, practicing at the bar and in the center of the room. And feel the emotion to dance your limits away.

Classes are held for an hour, once or twice a week, according to requests. Classes can be both individual or group ones..



For those thinking a dance course be too demanding but nevertheless love to be in motion and feel they have a good attitude for singing and playing. This lab will give you the thrill to perform a scene from one of the most famous Broadway musicals where you will dance, sing and play. This is an “open lab” open to beginners, children, teenagers and adults.

Classes are held once a week. Every class is about two hours.



Harmonically toning and shaping your body. This course is designed to those willing to approach Pilates and learn to train mind and body to work together, through healthy and effective movements that improve posture and enhance flexibility.

Recommended attendance is an hour, twice a week.



For children 8 years on, teenagers and adults; basic technique consist of on-the-ground and standing exercises, where all the body is warmed up, followed by diagonal and jump dance sections and choreographies, from simple to more complex ones. This type of dance reflects a different approach to body and movements than ballet, being less strict, giving the dance gesture a more creative and multifaceted feature. It is possible to dance enhancing freedom of expression and the contact to the ground, at the same time training the body with its fundamentals. Courses are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, according to the students’ skills.

These one-hour classes are held twice a week.



A steady, light physical exercise is recommended when expecting, stimulating the postural muscles, improving blood circulation and the oxygenation of all tissues. In short, it makes women feel better and more in shape in a very important and crucial phase of their lives. Thanks to this course moms have also the opportunity to socialize and exchange their opinions.

Recommended attendance is at least once a week. The course is held by a third party professional.

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